We Can Help You Meet
Your Decision Analysis Challenges

How do you approach critical decisions — while facing tough emerging challenges and uncertain future conditions?
“Doing more with less”…. Making hard choices under tight time and resource constraints.

Our Capabilities

These featured capabilities are examples of how we combine related services in an integrated, mutually-reinforcing approach, to provide decision support across the range of planning, resourcing, and management challenges faced by today’s public sector organizations

Program Risk Analysis

Forecast and avert program risks, lacking effective and consistent enterprise metrics, analytics, and reporting

Program Trade Analysis

Support the organization’s required participation in Agency “cut drills”, but manage risks to operational capability timelines and performance

Capabilities-Based Analytics

Develop a sound, consistent, data-driven method to prioritize investments across a range of contending needs

Infrastructure Analytics

Provide programmatic decision support to implement budget cuts, while resourcing thousands of Naval infrastructure facilities and assets as part of a worldwide capital investment strategy

Transition Planning Analytics

Consolidate Fort Knox’s Armor School and Fort Benning’s Infantry School, with no slowdown in training

Energy Analytics

Understand the potential risks and benefits of procurement and upgrade decisions on a range of operational energy expenditures

Lean Requirements Management

Conduct RM for Space Network communication platform upgrades within compressed schedules, using minimal resources.