Lean Requirements Management

Lean Requirements Management

Challenge: How do I establish
efficient and effective Requirements Management (RM)
within my large systems engineering project?

  • How can I establish RM without driving overhead and building an expensive “time and effort sink”?
  • Can RM enhancements provide me benefits beyond simple traceability?

Our Lean Requirements Management process
emphasizes speed, accuracy, and efficiency
through innovative automation

  • Reduce the lead time involved in converting a System Requirements Document (SRD) into a library of logically linked (Level 3) system requirements, by automatically parsing SRD documents using advanced text searching algorithms.
  • Create linked child requirements (Level 4 & 5) through automated scripting to quickly generate a Requirements Traceability Verification Matrix (RTVM)
  • Enhance Integration and Test processes by leveraging automation to cascade I&T updates into the RTVM

The graphic below depicts 3 common RM pitfalls,
comparing Traditional RM against our Lean RM approach

Example: NASA NENS (Near Earth Networks Services)

Challenge: Conduct RM for Space Network communication platform upgrades within compressed schedules, using minimal resources.

Solution: Our staff engineered a Lean process, which automated tasks on the critical path to establish and maintain new projects. This process reduced resource needs by more than 50% when compared to traditional processes.

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