Capability Assessment

Capability and Organizational Assessment

Challenge: How do I determine investment priorities,
across an entire portfolio or enterprise,
with a wide range of contending programs and needs?

  • How to assess an organization or enterprise, or, focus on and enhance a single, high-importance capability
  • If operations involve multiple goals or capabilities, and success requires addressing all of them: Where to act first, and how?

Our proven approach provides an analytically-sound, data-
driven method to determine priority needs and opportunities

  • Evaluate plans and programs against needs
  • Identify and prioritize limiting factors
  • Derive key data from proven, efficient processes
  • Identify potential trades, and areas for accepting risk
  • Link priority needs to actions that best drive progress

Drive the development of prioritized action plans
and investment roadmaps, targeted for success

Example: US Air Force
Capability Review and Risk Assessment (CRRA)

Challenge: Develop a sound, consistent, data-driven method to prioritize investments across a range of contending needs

Solution: Our staff partnered with HQ, US Air Force and Air Force major commands to develop and implement a strategic planning approach which the Air Force has continued to employ for a decade. Key data, capability-focused metrics, and stakeholder involvement drive quick and dynamic modeling and assessment of alternatives

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