Energy Decision Analysis

Energy Use Planning, and Energy Initiative Business Case Analysis

Energy consumes an ever-growing budget share
New energy initiatives also draw on investment resources

How do I meet policy mandates within cost and schedule, yet support a range of future operations?

  • What are baseline and projected levels of fuel use or energy consumption?
  • Will current investment plans meet energy policy goals, directives, and mandates?
  • How to best invest in projects related to conservation or to alternative energy use?

We help predict future energy use drivers, and
optimize across a set of potential project investments

  • Apply proven analytics and optimization models
  • Track and forecast energy needs and trends
  • Identify optimal project investments, sensitive to conditions and risks
  • Assess plans for ability to meet policy goals
  • Plan and fund the right projects with confidence

Plan and manage future energy requirements, and
select energy infrastructure projects for maximum impact

Example: US Navy and US Air Force
Fuel Use Predictive Modeling

Challenge: Understand the potential risks and benefits of procurement and upgrade decisions on a range of operational energy expenditures

Solution: Our staff partnered with the Navy and Air Force to model and visualize aggregate fuel consumption over time, with scenario-based “what if’s” for individual platforms and across the fleet


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