Transition & Integration Planning

Transition, Resource, and Technical Integration and Migration Planning

Challenge: Managing assets and resources
to ensure continuity of operations during transitions

  • For organizational transitions, unit moves, BRAC shifts, re-basings, and mission location changes: can I execute my transition while still maintaining my operations and mission capability?

We help you create and resource transition plans
best aligned to your ongoing mission needs

  • Capture, integrate, and understand the key elements of transition planning
  • Apply proven resourcing and scheduling models and effective data management
  • Plan, manage, and optimize use of assets and resources to meet your objectives

You can “build your airplane while still flying it”,
ensuring operational continuity throughout your transition

Example: US Army Training and Doctrine Command
Armor and Infantry Schools

Challenge: Consolidate Fort Knox’s Armor School and Fort Benning’s Infantry School, with no slowdown in training

Solution: Our staff partnered with the schools and helped plan the transition of critical resources from Knox and the dual use of facilities at Benning by forecasting resource conflicts two years in advance, so mitigation strategies could be developed well ahead of time.


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