Acquisition Risk Analysis

Program Acquisition and Technical Risk Analysis

Challenge: How can you better predict
and manage risks to program delivery?

  • Collect and analyze the right programmatic data quickly and efficiently
  • Anticipate risks to program execution before they occur
  • Provide leadership with accurate forecasts of program health and risks

Our predictive analytics provide advance insights into potential program deficiencies and their impacts

  • A proven cross-functional process framework promotes broad participation and consensus
  • Predictive analytics employ proven metrics that point to root causes and consequent impacts
  • Automated data collection and reporting eases implementation burdens
  • Interactive dashboards enable “what-if” drills to quickly test potential scenarios
  • A focused set of options drives key program cost/schedule/performance risk mitigation actions

Advance insights into risks help you build practical mitigation plans to head off adverse consequences

Example: Navy ASN(RDA) – Probability of Program Success (PoPS) and the Program Gate Review Process

Challenge: Forecast and avert program risks, lacking effective and consistent enterprise metrics, analytics, and reporting

Solution: Our staff members developed an analytically-sound, data-driven approach for evaluating all Naval programs for risks. This tailored “PoPS” process and tool is now integrated into the Navy leadership’s Program Gate Review process.

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