Trade Analysis

Program and Portfolio Trade Analysis

Challenge: How to make the right program funding choices
in a tough fiscal environment?

  • Manage delivery of required operational capabilities
  • Deliver quicker, less costly capabilities to the field
  • Do it all within a static or shrinking budget

Our portfolio decision modeling helps you
foresee consequences of resource allocation options

  • See your current and projected status against key objectives and metrics
  • Link program delivery dates to capability objectives, and see critical interdependencies
  • Track and monitor dynamic factors such as cost, schedule, and performance
  • Drive resource allocations to best pursue your goals, informed by key data
  • Perform real-time "what if" drills, and see the results… and the unintended consequences

Instant comparisons of alternative plans
help you best allocate resources to achieve your goals

Example: Office of the Secretary of Defense:
Chemical and Biological Defense Program

Challenge: Support the organization’s required participation in Agency "cut drills", but manage risks to operational capability timelines and performance

Solution: A process and visualization that allows decision makers to dynamically choose options and immediately see likely impact on their program portfolio’s cost, schedule, and performance objectives

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